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Coffee Rub – What Is It, and Why Does It Work for BBQ?

Last week we released our new Hot Coffee rub, which is an amazing combination of earthy and spice tones. As I told some friends about it though, the general response was "Coffee Rub? How does that work?". So what better was to explain that a blog post. While most BBQ rubs work with most types of [...]

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Why Internal Temperature Is More Important Than Cooking Time

Anyone who has cooked anything from a recipe knows that generally you are given an oven temperature and a time to cook. Where BBQ cooking differs is that it also calls for you to check internal temperature, which is arguably more important. Why Most Recipes Don't Discuss Internal Temperature Generally recipes are very specific in [...]

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Building Flavour – Understanding and Using Salt

A few posts ago, I spoke about why I view pepper as such an important ingredient when creating our rubs. In addition to pepper, salt is one of the standard BBQ rub ingredients. But not everything is equal when using salt. A lot of rubs call for Kosher Salt, but here in Australia, it can be notoriously hard [...]

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