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Hickory Smoked Lamb Shanks

Smoked lamb shanks is the perfect spin on what is pretty close to the top of the comfort food list. This cut has long been the choice for slow cooking and braising because the large amount of connective tissue that breaks down during the process and makes it melt in your mouth tender. This recipe will give you the best results for smoked shank. Ingredients Two medium sized lamb shanks, frenched Rub РSalt, pepper, rosemary, or Moonshine BBQ Lamb Rub Hickory wood Smoked Lamb Shanks Method Get your coals going in a chimney starter, wait to ash over and...

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Cherry Smoked Lamb Shoulder

Sunday is the perfect day for slow cooking. This recipe for smoked lamb shoulder is a surefire winner and will give you amazing crust and flavour. You can also cook this in a tray in the BBQ or the oven and add some of the optional veg, which will really complement the smoked lamb shoulder. Pre-cooking tips Make sure you use a drip tray in the smoker with about 10mm of water in the bottom to maintain moisture and catch any fat If using a smoker, we recommend Cherry wood, either logs or chips, depending on your set up If...

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