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Smoked Pork Neck in Yellow Curry

I’ve been a big fan of this slow cooked recipe for years, which I learnt at a masterclass with Martin Boetz from the Cooks Co-Op, so I thought it was time to give it the BBQ treatment with some apple wood. While this one is for smoked pork neck, the technique works just as well with lamb shoulder, which I usually use red curry with instead of yellow curry. It’s dead simple, only two ingredients in the rub, and I’ll also show you an amazing sauce to go with it. INGREDIENTS 1.2kg Pork Neck Jar of yellow curry paste...

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Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños with Smoked Honey

This recipe for bacon wrapped jalapeños comes courtesy of Ryan’s Low and Slow up in Brisbane, who took our Pork Rub for a spin and created these insanely great tasting bombs of flavour, glazed in smoked honey. Not only do the bring the flavour, they have heat, amazing texture and are super simple to make. Recipe makes 6. Ingredients 6 jalapeños Cream cheese 2 Chorizo sausages 6 strips of streaky bacon Moonshine BBQ Pork Rub Smoked Honey to finish (available online from Meat at Billy’s) Method Set up your Weber, kettle or drum smoker for indirect cooking, using the...

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Pork Scratchings

One of the fantastic side benefits of making your own bacon and having your butcher remove the skin from the pork belly is that you can use it to make some seriously awesome pork scratchings. Make sure when he does take it off that you still have a little bit of fat along the bottom. By the way – pork scratchings, pork crackling, crackle – it’s all the same. My method of making these seems to have become an amalgam of a few different ones over the years. Is used to hit them with oil and salt, and that...

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Makin’ Bacon – How to Cure and Smoke Your Own Bacon

For all the smoking of beef, pork and others that I do, I thought it was time this past week to tackle the one thing I haven’t done – make my own bacon. If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ll have seen some of the progress of the last week, and given how successful it was, I thought I’d share the process so you can make your own bacon. There are two things you should know before you start. Firstly, it’s a process that takes about a week, depending on your patience. Secondly, the flavour is amazing, but much stronger...

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Smoked Pork Shoulder

Pork, and particularly pork shoulder is one of my favourite cuts of meat. I mean, after all, without it we wouldn’t have pulled pork, bacon or crackling. Imagine that world! This isn’t so much a recipe as much as it is guidance, because it’s pretty straight forward. You’ll need: Nice cut of pork shoulder (check out this guide from Steven Raichlen at Barbecue Bible on what to look for) A good spice rub (like Moonshine BBQ Pork Rub #1) Method: Cover the meat in the spice rub, being as minimal or liberal as you want. If you have a...

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