Smoked Pork Shoulder

Smoked Pork Shoulder

Pork, and particularly pork shoulder is one of my favourite cuts of meat. I mean, after all, without it we wouldn’t have pulled pork, bacon or crackling. Imagine that world!

This isn’t so much a recipe as much as it is guidance, because it’s pretty straight forward.

You’ll need:


  • Cover the meat in the spice rub, being as minimal or liberal as you want. If you have a cut with skin on, score the skin and get some of the rub in there as well. Set aside for half an hour.
  • Get your oven, or BBQ to about 250F – 275F.
  • If using a smoker, we recomend cherry wood.
  • Cook until the outside is dark, and the meat is tender, which depending on the size of the shoulder, can take up to 12 hours
  • Let it rest wrapped in a foil and a towel in a warm place for a couple of hours (like an esky), and then shred with forks or your hands (use gloves) for amazing pulled pork
  • Squeeze through some of our Carolina style vinegar sauce to complete it.

I usually run a knife underneath the skin to remove from the meat (make sure you get some of the fat layer) and put it back into the oven at a high heat for another 10-15 minutes for crackling.

Once it’s cooked, let it

Recommended rub:

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